Erasmus Policy Statement

Erasmus Policy Statement

Erasmus Policy Statement

The school’s international strategy is present from secondary to Higher Education. Both students and staff are involved in this strategy. The main objectives of our international strategy are:

  • To develop the foreign language and intercultural competences of both students and staff
  • To internationalise the curricula at secondary and vocational level
  • To promote student and staff international mobility through short visits to centres of innovation in other countries
  • To increase awareness among staff of innovative teaching approaches
  • To raise better understanding of the European workplace through traineeships and periods of work practice in European companies

The most important target groups of our mobility activities are:

  • Staff working with students of Vocational education. We believe that by providing staff with the opportunities to learn foreign languages and engage in international mobility programmes, that this will have a knock-on effect on their students and their approach to teaching.
  • Students studying higher Vocational education. We believe that it is vital that students at this level gain first-hand experience of working abroad and have the opportunity to complete their work placement module in an international context. This will support them in their future attempts to gain access to the European workplace.

In order to implement this strategy, we choose international partner using the following networks:

  1. The Salesian European network of Vocational schools ( which is present in 23 countries. This network is specialised in Vocational training.
  2. The network of international offices or our partner companies
  3. Schools and institutions in Ireland and the UK who we have collaborated with in the past
  4. The European networks including etwinning and School Education Gateaway.

We currently give priority to institutions and companies located in English speaking countries but also in countries such as Germany, Portugal and Italy.